Milanyila Vargas

Marketing, Sales and Communication Specialist

A briefcase

Fort McMurray

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August 21, 2020

August 23, 2020

A briefcase



A briefcase


$50 - $100/hr

A briefcase




Strategic marketing and sales specialist who helps companies optimize their communication strategies so they can increase revenue and reduce costs.

A dynamic, results-oriented and highly motivated professional with +12 years of international business development and strategic communication experience.

A high-performance action-oriented sales and marketing manager with strategic vision and sound business judgment, who consistently deliver results with a unique combination of analytical skills, disruptive ideas and an entrepreneurial mindset while leveraging long term relationships with team members, business owners, executives, investors, specialized media, and government representatives.

As a certified high-performance coach, I help individuals and companies to reach their highest level of performance. My goal is to help them reach their maximum potential and stay at that level for a long period of time.

• Yes, I LOVE motorcycle, cars, planes, trucks... if it has an engine on it, I want it!
• International trade shows and corporate events are my "Salsa"
• Company and city economic development are my passion.

“I help others to shine and their success defines me" 

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