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August 5, 2020

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A briefcase


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My name is Reece and I'm a visual artist and music producer. More specifically, I specialize in motion graphics, animation and graphic design. Majority of my work is formulated through research of the concept while meeting the perception of my clients vision. Everything needs to connect in order to become an authentic and original design. Currently I'm into the 4th year of my Visual Communications degree at AUArts where I major Advertising and Graphic Design. Throughout the course of my degree I've been freelancing part time in school and full time during the summer. Over the last few years the majority of that work has been through motion design where I create social media posts (events, promotion, etc). Having the potential to animate any asset or design has become a skill I've been consistently working on. If I'm not doing any design or motion work you can normally find me in the studio producing bass music and getting weird with my synths. After school is complete, I'd like to see myself working in house at a creative company or advertising agency doing motion, design and contribute in a team environment where I can help develop ideas and strong concepts. Until then, I'll just keep working remote and freelance.


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