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My name is Sarah, my pronouns are she/her, and I am a Social Media Specialist at Kaden Ave Communications and a recent graduate of MacEwan University's Public Relations program. In addition to my job in professional communications, I moonlights as a dance educator and diversity consultant with 3SB, the founder and creative director of BBM Dance Company, and Vice-President External of Kinesis: Edmonton Choreographer’s Ball. In branding my dance company, I found a passion in the field of communications which led me to several internships with local start-ups such as Tastemakers, Flavor Video Production, and #MakeItAwkward. These internships created opportunities for me in the business field and it led me to join the founding team of the local non-profit KINESIS, which I now serve as VP External for.  This inspired me to pursue a formal education at MacEwan University, where I have recently graduated with a Public Relations honours diploma and have subsequently secured a job with Kaden Ave Communications.

Since 2011, I have created multiple platforms for her and fellow WOCs to address feminism, domestic and sexual violence, mental health, body positivity, anti-racism, LGBTQA2+ issues and more; all from an intersectional and compassion-based approach. Through sharing personal stories via public speaking, professional communications, fitness, and performance art, I hope to inspire her peers and allies to use their voices as catalysts for positive change and to create a narrative through my multi-disciplinary work that prioritizes human equity and inclusion above all.

In terms of work currently, I am looking to take on new social media clients to manage, content creation roles and copy writing tasks.  Working remotely is preferable, as I would be balancing this work with my part-time employment with Kaden Ave Communications.  I am especially drawn to workplaces that value inclusivity and diversity and have most experience in the arts, non-profit and fitness industries BUT my recent experience with Kaden Ave has challenged me to use my creativity in corporate settings as well.  My values centre around transparency, accountability and intersectionality and I look forward to working with likeminded individuals and organizations.  I am flexible, passionate and happy to help your business reach it's full potential through digital marketing and social reach!

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