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August 5, 2020

August 5, 2020

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A briefcase


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A briefcase




As a veteran PPC advertising specialist, I have helped my clients achieve as high as a 500% increased ROI from their digital advertising campaigns. My work has included managing over $4 million in ad spend for a single client, as well as providing meaningful and measurable results for startups and small businesses.

My company (Ameet Khabra Marketing Inc) has carved out a position as a highly-effective PPC campaign management solution provider. We take accounts from zero to hero, working from scratch as well as taking over from other firms to get results for our clients. I am personally involved in every account and manage the campaign strategy development and execution on a daily basis. I currently split my time between Vancouver and Edmonton, attempting to spend as many moments with my two pups (Luke and Leia) as possible. As an avid Cowboys fan, I'll happily share with you why I think Tony Romo deserves a spot in the Hall, and how Ezekiel Elliott is already a better running back than Marshall Faulk.

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