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September 6, 2020

September 6, 2020

A briefcase



A briefcase


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A briefcase




Caelin Moore is a shooter and editor based in Edmonton, Alberta. Some of her earliest memories of creating films occur at eight years old when she began producing stop motion videos on her mother’s laptop and integrating Photo Booth’s “Green Screen” feature into skits she would create with friends. In junior high her interest progressed into vlogs, short films and tutorials after making her first YouTube channel. On her fourteenth birthday, Caelin was gifted her first DSLR which prompted a focus on cinematography throughout high school.

Upon graduating from Victoria School of the Arts, she immediately entered the world of freelance videography where she continues to explore her love for the craft filmmaking. Today Caelin directs, shoots and edits music videos, dance projects, and function recaps. Her work has garnered over one million views and has been twice accepted into the National Film Festival for Talented Youth for music videos she created. Caelin attributes her seven years of dancing and life-long fondness of music to shaping herself as a filmmaker.

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