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August 5, 2020

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Connor has nurtured a lifelong passion for theatre and accessibility, which led him to Public Relations as a channel to elevate his advocacy for the Deaf community and other marginalized groups. He currently works part time for Deaf Spectrum, one of Canada’s most rapidly growing full-service Deaf businesses based in Ontario. Many theatres, arts organizations, and governmental organizations such as the City of Edmonton have worked with Connor to provide accessible information in vlogs, advise on improving processes, and to represent the Deaf perspective in various discussions.

Connor also has a background in political science from University of Alberta. Many organizations are rapidly shifting toward an “universal-information” model of promotion, dissemination, and engagement. This means including at least two modes of communication in all materials: text with ASL translation, or an audio video with captioning. Connor is very passionate about providing the services to make this mainstream in Edmonton and Alberta, which historically have lagged behind countries like USA, Colombia, and Chile. As a white cis man, he recognizes the importance of holding space for diverse views and bodies in such a visual medium, and actively partners with others in the community to make this possible.

My working model is freelance from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am easily reached through email, collaboration apps, and Instagram @temporalways.

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